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About West Coast Expeditions' Sea Kayak Tours & Wilderness Retreat

Celebrating Over 50 Years with West Coast Expeditions
For over 50 years, West Coast Expeditions have been marine ecology and cultural tour leaders in British Columbia, creating and delivering unmatched diverse west coast experiences, including over 30 years with guided sea kayaking adventures.

With attention to detail, our team and location offers you base camp kayaking tours with camping comforts and paddling options like nowhere else, highly flexible family kayaking adventures, and guided sea kayak expeditions for more experienced paddlers wanting to explore the outer edge of Canada. We've specialized in sharing the rich wildlife of the west coast and Kyuquot area through personalized marine adventures since 1972, and sea kayaking tours since 1990.

West Coast Expeditions Professional Sea Kayaking Guides & Guests   Sea Otter Viewing From Shore Near Kyuquot, Vancouver Island  
Adventure Travel Tours and Sea Kayaking British Columbia, Vancouver Island North

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic time at Spring Island. You and your staff are the best in so many ways. The whole operation is flawless from our point of view. Your hospitality to us and to all who came by was really terrific.
Donna D., Victoria, BC

Our Mission is:
To inspire people with the wonder and joy of getting to know BC's rugged and remote west coast through sea kayaking and marine/cultural ecology experiences that contribute in positive ways to the health and well-being of our guests, staff, community, and the Kyuquot area.

And we pursue this in many different ways, including:
  • Indigenous Tourism connections that are partnered with local Indigenous ownership, services, and everyday interactions;
  • Kayaking Professionals as respected early leaders, educators, and innovators;
  • Ecotourism affiliations with the Wilderness Tourism Association of BC, Indigenous Tourism Association of BC, the Georgia Strait Alliance, BC Marine Trails Network, BC Cetacean Sightings Network, and the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC;
  • Responsible tourism commitments to the area, including volunteer environmental monitoring & stewardship;
  • Unmatched base camp comforts & conveniences with very low site impacts & carbon footprint; and
  • Personalized west coast adventures that bring loved ones and friends together, building community.
Base Camp Kayaking Bookings at Spring Island, Kyuquot, Vancouver Island   Family Kayaking Vacation Packages with West Coast Expeditions

Managers David Pinel, Caroline Fisher, and Bev Michel invite you to share in the joy, wonder, and discovery of a kayaking vacation with West Coast Expeditions in Kyuquot Sound, the Bunsby Islands, and the Mquqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula areas.
Absolutely stunning service, paddling, food & accommodations
Brian Henry, Ocean River Sports

Combined, we offer 80+ years of experience in the Kyuquot area, with the 
Ka:'yu:'k't'h' / Che:k’tles7et’h’ (Kyuquot / Checleset) First Nations people.

And together, David and Caroline offer over 50 years of experience as respected wilderness leaders, eco-adventure tourism facilitators, and marine educators. Both are veteran sea kayaking guides who, together with our staff and local community, skillfully weave together personalized vacations that help to connect people to the coast in comfortable, refreshing, and authentic ways. We offer memorable and meaningful Vancouver Island adventure travel experiences.

Whether new to kayaking or an advanced paddler, new to the BC coast or intimately familiar with this magnificent setting, we can make it happen for you.

Wilderness Retreat Base Camp on Spring Island, West Coast Vancouver Island Panorama at Kyuquot