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Specials & Promotions - Trip Discounts for Sea Kayak Adventure Tours

...for booking your trip well in advance
...for groups, and
...for families with children 12 and under!

Early Booking Discounts

  • 10% discount for registrations with deposit by December 31 for the upcoming season (code: EB10)
  • 8% discount for registrations with deposit by January 31 for the upcoming season (code EB8)
  • 5% discount for registrations with deposit by March 1 for the upcoming season (code EB5)
  Happy sea kayaking guests waving goodbye

These discounts apply to regularly scheduled Base Camp and Expedition trips (i.e., not Themed Experiences: Fishing, Photography, and Greenland), and require using the promotional code during the online checkout process.


Group Booking Discounts

    You were (are!) absolutely fabulous in making us feel safe, happy, relaxed and comfortable. You have a special place here, and thank you for sharing it with us. Kayak on!
    Linda R., Toronto, Ontario
  • Groups of 4 or 5  receive a 5% discount on the price of regularly scheduled kayak tour packages.
  • Groups of 6 or 7 receive an 8% discount...
  • Groups of 8 to 10 receive a 10% discount...
  • Depending on group composition and tent configurations we can accommodate larger groups with custom itineraries and pricing - contact us for a specific quote
  • Group organizers can alternately arrange an equivalent commission or complimentary seat in lieu of discounts for individual participants. Organize a group and join for free - let's talk!
Contact us if you would like to arrange a private trip with exclusive use of our Wilderness Retreat.

Notes: These group discounts are applied automatically during the reservation process for regularly scheduled Base Camp or Expedition trips only (Themed Experiences excluded: Fishing, Photography, and Greenland). For groups not signing up under one reservation, let us know and we will apply the discount to individualised final invoicing. The group discount is applied to final payment invoicing on the understanding that if the actual group size changes before the trip date, then the difference will re-invoiced or refunded accordingly and within the terms of our cancellation policy.


Our scheduled rates for Base Camp Kayaking Experiences include a "Children's Rate" that is already always 15% below regular rates, so that families with children aged 5-12 years old receive automatic savings, while still being able to take advantage of Early Booking or Group Discounts!!

We're happy to discuss and clarify any of these special pricing options as may apply to your individual, family or group scenario. We can also customize your package (varied travel options, extra nights, alternate activities, etc.).  Discounts or surcharges will apply depending on what's being adjusted for your tailored adventure!

Only one discount applies per guest:  group and early booking discounts aren't added together - please ask if wanting to clarify for your scenario.  That said, posted Children's Rates are eligible for additional Group or Early Booking savings.

Please contact us to clarify your scenario.
  Tufted Puffin near West Coast Expeditions' base camp