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Personalized West Coast Adventures

Our camp is enjoyed by newborns and 80+ year olds, and all ages, interests, and abilities between. We will facilitate a truly diverse experience in this remarkable place. You can relax and shed the stresses of everyday life while exploring small island and islet paradises.

We delight in introducing the wonderful world of exploring by sea kayak to people who are completely new to paddling. And we love travelling with, sharing, and refining skills with more experienced kayakers – discovering new things each day.
Surpassed all expectations! Everything was top notch. All the crew were great. We appreciated the ‘can do’, ‘we’ll make it happen’ attitude. The guides went out of their way to make it an enjoyable and informative experience.
Wayne & Sharon C., Comox, BC
All of our guided Base Camp Kayaking and Expedition Kayaking trips provide you with opportunities to:
  • enjoy the moments without feeling too rushed;
  • improve your kayaking comfort, confidence, and competence;
  • visit locations rich in natural, geological and First Nations' cultural history;
  • learn about the diverse wildlife, including the fascinating sea otters;
  • experience the thrill of true west coast paddling under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced, and certified guides & instructors;
  • find the right mix of paddling, land exploration (hiking and walking, sitting under a towering tree, or peering in a tide pool), educational opportunities, personal time, laughter, and relaxation; and
  • use your body, be mentally stimulated, socialize, reflect, breathe fresh air, eat healthy meals, have afternoon naps, and sleep well - what more could you ask for!
Reconnect with your playful, curious, and calm self!  At the end of each day, you're likely to feel the wonderful sensation of having experienced something special without having been too rushed to enjoy each moment.

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