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Testimonials - Our Guests’ Comments

The biggest and best testimonial is that actions speak louder than words.  Most of our guests aren't first-timers: They choose to come again, and again, and again...many for more than 6 times, and some as many as 15 times! 

Base Camp Experiences
Expedition Kayaking

Base Camp Kayaking Adventures

"We have paddled in Asia...and other spots on Vancouver Island and can say without reservation that WCE puts on the best experience in and out of the boat.  From the welcome, outstanding food, excellent kayaking and guiding, to the terrific stories...around the campfire every evening, WCE is in a league by itself.  Thank you for a memorable stay.  Until next time..." 
Paul & Sue B., Yellow Point, BC

"We live on Vancouver Island, have experienced much of its beauty, and would rank Spring Island and locale an outstanding area for west coast wilderness grandeur. We also kayak regularly so know how important it is to be prepared. WCE guests get to kayak in this unique locale and participate in the wilderness experience knowing that they are being guided by people who are tops in the business. A world of wonders, without the worry: an unparalleled and unforgettable experience!" 
Penny Dutton & Doug Taylor, Courtenay, BC
  Giant Leaf Kelp

“My hat is off to the entire staff. You made my first kayaking experience fabulous. Your knowledge and enthusiasm has been embedded in me. I’ll pass along my experience to my family.”
Katie, Michigan

“What a fantastic week! Thanks for the exceptional hospitality – no small detail was overlooked. And a special thank-you for being so thoughtful, patient and caring with our daughters. They learned so much this week about tidal life and our oceans, and we discovered a new sport we can continue to enjoy as a family!”
The Tymkin Family (kids aged 4 & 9), Coldstream, British Columbia

“There are not many places you can visit twice and still be awed and have a wonderful day hour after hour... Every day was exquisite – even the rain day. The staff are great – knowledgeable, kind, attentive – good people. This is a precious place – all those who visit will be touched by what they see... Thanks to each of you for making this week something I will not long forget.”
Carol K., Edmonton, Alberta

“A great week of paddling, food, the group & guides. A perfect 10!! Spring Island is a special place...”
Fran S., Squamish, British Columbia

“I was not sure what a vacation on Spring Island might involve. From the moment I arrived until we left I felt like I was in a luxury resort. The accommodations are beautiful, the staff are welcoming, kind, knowledgeable, interesting, funny and fun. I appreciated the experienced guides, the many learning opportunities, and the food!”
Pat N., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Having a base camp and being catered to by friendly, knowledgeable staff is something I could get used to! Having guides that can interpret and area in terms of culture, history, flora and fauna is another point that West Coast Expeditions has done very well. Providing a cake to celebrate our 17th anniversary was a surprise – this week has been very enjoyable and memorable. Thanks for a great week of camping and kayaking.”
Peter E., Edmonton, Alberta

“You guys rock! You made me feel welcome and comfortable. I learned a lot in a short time. I truly hope to make a return visit to this very special place.”
Jenny C., Vancouver, British Columbia

“All of you have such depth of knowledge about this beautiful environment and demonstrate your passion for it by sharing with your guests. The kayaking was exhilarating for a first-timer: the thrill of riding the swells; the mystery of paddling among fog-shrouded islands; the acquiring of new skills and exercising of old muscles; encountering the animals of the sea and seashore. The hikes on the beaches and island also inspired a great respect for these rugged islands and people who live and work here. And the facilities of the camp were perfect, incorporating all the beauty of the land and sea in every aspect (even the outhouses!), and providing a level of comfort beyond any outdoor experience I have ever had – what fantastic meals, hot shower, chocolate, and more! But all of this was possible because of the staff and others behind the scenes. This is an extraordinary place to spend a quiet week with good friends and good company. Thank you so much for all you give.” Darrell T., Edmonton, Alberta
  Beautiful Coastal Waters and Nature on Vancouver Island
Marine Biology and Research Near Kyuquot, Vancouver Island

Adventure Travel to the Stunning Nature and Forests of Vancouver Island, BC   “Thanks so much for yet another unforgettable vacation. Thanks to all of you for helping me learn to interpret the weather forecasts and for keeping me entertained the whole time. Spring Island is such an amazing place, and even after six or seven trips now, there’s still so much to do and see for the first time. Hopefully I’ll get to see you all again before too long, but fear not – I shall return!”
Dale T., Sacramento, California

“A world-class experience, from: the luxurious tents, with rugged West Coast scenery out each window; imaginative and nourishing food; kayak adventures with lots of beach rests and exploratory walks; welcoming hors d’oeuvres; and mellow evenings around the fire. It will be a treasured memory over the coming Ontario winter.”
Sally P.

“In all respects, it doesn’t get better than this... Left with a heightened appreciation for nature, good food, and super qualified staff. "
Lloyd S., Squamish, British Columbia

“Many thanks for an exceptional holiday. The guides, accommodation, and food were all top notch! We especially appreciated the welcoming ‘nature’ of the camp from the first warm hellos to tasty appetizers ready when we returned from paddling. It was a special treat for me, coming for the fourth time. I hope there will be a fifth. Kyuquot and Spring Island are very special.”
Margot M., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Surpassed all expectations! Everything was top notch. All the crew were great. We appreciated the ‘can do’, ‘we’ll make it happen’ attitude. The guides went out of their way to make it an enjoyable and informative experience. The touring both in and out of the kayaks was very stimulating and educational... We also enjoyed meeting all of our fellow guests. It was great to share stories with you all. Now we will be in each others’ stories. Thank you to everyone.”
Wayne & Sharon C., Comox, British Columbia

“What a splendid 5 days of nature, people, food, and learning. Thank you!”
Helen M., Quadra Island, British Columbia

“Thank you for a fantastic week at Shangri-la by the sea! It was better than we dreamed of – the staff, the kayaking, the hiking, the scenery, the food – everything was perfection. Hope to come back with more friends.”
Lois & Ron R., West Vancouver, British Columbia

“My love for this place was secured last year, but I can’t believe how much I’ve added on to it. Visiting Lookout Island again was like discovering it for the first time. I loved the walk above the headlands on Spring Island and can’t wait to do it again and again. The 1000 year old cedar looked older to me, but really, how could one year make a difference... I discovered a connection to Kyuquot and appreciated the arrangements you made for us to meet people from the village. Without the wonderful staff, none of these things would have meant so much. Thank you all for your guiding, and everyone for your warmth, knowledge and good humour. You should advertise yourself as party planners for 60th birthdays!”
Barbara D.
  Canadian Family Vacations and Activities with West Coast Expeditions
Wilderness Adventure Travel with West Coast Expeditions

“...We thank you for creating and executing a perfect family holiday. This holiday will live on for decades with our photos, videos and journal helping to bring back all the great memories... We are thankful for the kayak flipping lessons, the killer whale show, the black bear and cave extravaganza. The birthday dress-up party as well as the friendship, education, the security, the patience, and the sacrifice – the latter referring to your poor counting skills at crib! Many thanks & best wishes to all!”
The McClosky Family (kids aged 13, 17, 20 & 22), Vancouver, British Columbia

“What a wonderful way to end our time in Canada! I can now return to Australia happily having seen countless sea otters in the wild. The orca spectacle, the waterfall shower, sea star exhibits and sunrise paddle were just the icing on the cake. Thank you for the wonderful food, guiding expertise and friendly ‘mornings’ (regardless of what hour that may occur).”
Renee B. and Ben Steele, Australia
  Bald Eagle on Vancouver Island

“You were (are!) absolutely fabulous in making us feel safe, happy, relaxed and comfortable. You have a special place here, and thank you for sharing it with us. Kayak on!”
Linda R., Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you for a welcoming, relaxing time on Spring Island. Your hospitality and kindness were most appreciated.”
Sandy G., Vancouver, British Columbia

“All future holidays will be planned to rest beyond reach of cell phone and email – just like this one! With reluctance I will put my watch back on... but tonight the bed will still rock with the ocean swell and the wind and wave resound – thanks for the place and the people!”
Gordon M., Vancouver, British Columbia
  Lush British Columbia Forest & Fauna on Vancouver Island

Traditional Aboriginal Salmon Dinner with West Coast Expeditions   “A wonderful week – good food, good company – a real sense of camaraderie as we explored our wet coast! Thank you for sharing your expertise with our family, and encouraging us to stretch our comfort zones!”
Rosemary B., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thanks for such a super wonderful holiday! It was great to be able to kayak and relax for 7 whole days! I loved seeing the sea otter rafts and all the other exciting animals that live here!”
Alys M. (15), Vancouver, British Columbia

“A great pleasure to stay in a well run and organized Spring Island camp. Staff most helpful and knowledgeable. Meeting with the First Nations family was a real plus.”
Gordon W., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thank you for a great stay on Spring Island. The scenery, food, and facilities were all first-class.”
Chris S., Ottawa, Ontario

“Thanks for a great holiday! Food was amazing (especially the salmon dinner), kayaking was great and it was really cool to see the wolf. I hope to come back!” Susan M., Ottawa, Ontario

“So where do I begin when trying to summarize five days on Spring Island? I could start with the playful sea otters, colourful tide pools, starry skies, bio-luminescence, hooting owls, soaring eagles, night paddles, Kyuquot, 1000 year old cedars, beachcombing treasures, delicious meals... It was a great pleasure, a wonderful experience, and an absolutely delightful holiday.”
Roy J., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Superb as usual.”
Lloyd S., Squamish, British Columbia

"The hardest part of the trip is leaving! Location superb! Food fantastic! Guides experienced & wonderful! Place - magical! Worth the price of admission...Thanks for doing this and making it available.  WOW!!" 
Sheila from Washington
  Marine Biology Wilderness Tours on the Coastal Waters of Vancouver Island

Expedition Kayaking – Rugged Point, Brooks Peninsula, and Bunsby Islands Kayak Trips

"A fabulous trip.  After the Spring Island base camp trip last summer, I wondered whether another WCE trip could be as great, but this trip was equally wonderful in a totally different mode...The Bunsby's and Acous Peninsula and Battle Bay were spectacular...Laughter in abundance." 
Shelley M., Comox, BC

“This was a fantastic trip. Thank you for the luxury of paddling for more than 1-2 hours (which is what many guided trips give you). Also, thank you for your tremendous base of knowledge... you are truly so expert that it is humbling. A great pleasure to meet you all and very inspiring in terms of improving my skills...”
Ruth P., Victoria, British Columbia

“It was truly a wonderful adventure with high winds, rainy weather, blue skies and exciting surf landings. The food was fantastic and the company delightful...”
Joyce & Bud M,e, West Vancouver, British Columbia
  Black Bear Prints in the Coastal Golden Sands of Vancouver Island

Bunsby Expedition Kayaking at Brooks Peninsula, Vancouver Island   “Thank you so much for shepherding us (without coddling or condescension) to and through these places of such haunting, primeval beauty.”
Michael B., Winthrop, Washington

“Many thanks for providing the opportunity to experience the magic and peace of this area. Also, thank you for your generosity of spirit in hosting, guiding and teaching us as such a varied group.”
Augusta L., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Kudos to you for a fantastic trip and wonderful journey to the edge of ‘the Brooks’. Your professionalism and good humour made the entire experience truly a ‘trip of a lifetime’. I look forward to the next.”
Tim R., Vancouver, British Columbia

"Wind, sand & stars - what more can one want? It's been a stellar week!"
Lesley S., Vancouver, BC

Instructional Sea Kayaking

“Great company and beautiful setting. A fun week with a nice balance for mind, body, and spirit.”
Gale & David B., Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

“We had a fantastic experience. Knowledge, experience, and fun were in huge measure. Many thanks!”
Andrea & Grant S., Comox, British Columbia

“We had a super experience. Your skills and approach were outstanding. We learned a lot and the location is absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot.”
Jean & Ron R., Comox, British Columbia

“...truly a pleasure to share the history, waves, water, and scenery of Spring Island with a superb team. Although the weather and companionship added to the overall experience, I know that you would have read the signs and adapted to any changes. You struck the right balance between coaching, motivating, teaching, and leading to guide us through the experience. We have a new appreciation for the true meaning of the word guide... you all exemplified the profession. Thanks for a great experience...”
Andy & Judy F., Courtenay, British Columbia
  Guided Instructional Sea Kayaking on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Wilderness Retreat -  Custom Family Adventures

Custom Family Adventure Travel & Kayaking with West Coast Expeditions   “A fantastic week in a piece of paradise! A huge thanks for looking after all of us in every possible way.” Peter S.

“...a wonderfully organized, cheerful, informative team of people who have made the days flow by so happily with great food every day... Bravo to you all!”
Doug S., Ontario

“Thanks for an amazing visit. This is a great place to come with a young family... and all the older relatives and friends.”
Erika, Luka, and Shanti K., Quadra Island, British Columbia

“Perfect setting and fabulous staff! You made everything look so easy and the culinary results were marvellous. Many, many thanks.”
John & Kay S., Nelson, British Columbia

“Thank you for this fantastic week... I shall go home to Switzerland with 3 kg more weight since your food was splendid!”
Peter K., Switzerland

“What a change of pace and scene for an interiorite from Quesnel. Great guiding, food, organizing (and keeping our wandering clan in line in the nicest way).”
Jennifer H., Quesnel, British Columbia

Wilderness Retreat - Weddings & Special Events

Spectacular Wedding Venue at our Wilderness Retreat on Vancouver Island, BC   “Thank you so much for hosting our wedding!!! It was wonderful! Thank you for all the wonderful little additions you thought of and worked hard to make happen...”
Sarah M. & Greg J., Courtenay, British Columbia

“Memories to last a lifetime! Thank you for your efficiency and expertise which made for a wonderful time for Greg & Sarah’s wedding.”
Bev & Clive O.

“West Coast Expeditions were the perfect host and provided access to the perfect place for Sarah & Greg’s wedding. The special touches were noticed and truly appreciated.”
Lisa R.

“Wonderful, excellent event/wedding/trip etc. Perfect location and venue. Thank you so much for the care and good food.”
Laurel Archer, Courtenay, British Columbia

“Definitely a bit of paradise! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and really appreciate all your hard work and effort to make it happen. All your little touches are amazing. Thank you to the candle fairy for the magic at night and many thanks to all of you.”
Ellie & Ron J.

“Thank-you. You have created a memorable and wonderful experience for us all hosting Sarah & Greg’s wedding. We’re impressed and loved the weekend.”
Tina, Jamie, Zannah, Kyra & Rosie Boulding, Strathcona Park Lodge, British Columbia

“Amazing place, time, event, company – wow! Thank you so much for the awesome experience!”
Jackie B., Courtenay, British Columbia

“You gave me a wonderful experience - a wonderful holiday far from the stresses of New York City... And a glorious wedding party for all of us – Thank you! Very best wishes...”
Jane C., New York
  Sunset at Spring Island, British Columbia

“Speaking as parents of the Bride, this has been one of life’s Great Experiences, and a really beautiful launching – Thank you WCE for your part in providing such a joyful (& comfortable) occasion – and excellent organization so unobtrusively delivered.”
Tyler & Ken M.