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Unmatched Camping Comforts - Sea Kayaking Glamping!

Base your sea kayaking adventure from an enchanting Wilderness Retreat like no other!  Appreciate unexpected camping comforts that allow you to stay warm, dry, clean, comfortable, and ready to connect with this remarkable west coast setting... Deluxe yet rustic.

Some call this "glamping" (glamorous camping).  We just call it our summer home.  Regardless, you will be a happy camper! Our extensive photo gallery shows you why!

Each of our spacious waterfront tents can be arranged to accommodate you as an individual, couple, family of 4, or even a sleepover party of 6 kids as part of a multi-family adventure.

Our base camp blends with the natural surroundings, while still providing conveniences such as a propane heated power, a resource library, and a dining and activity shelter that is spacious, versatile, cozy and fully protected from inclement weather.
  waterside and well sheltered canvas tent sites
...providing a level of comfort beyond any outdoor experience I have ever had ...This is an extraordinary place to spend a quiet week with good friends and good company.
Darrell T., Edmonton, Alberta

Kayaking Comforts At WCE Wilderness Retreat On Spring Island   fully appointed kitchen for our camp chef   Outhouse With A View At WCE Wilderness Retreat On Spring Island

Specifically, during your Base Camp Kayaking tour, or at the beginning and end of your Expedition Kayaking trip with us, you will appreciate the deluxe kayak camping comforts of the:
  • Privately situated walk-in waterfront tents
  • Wooden beds with thick foam mattresses, fitted sheets, pillows, fleece blankets, and side tables with lanterns
  • Pleasant sitting area beside your tent for quiet personal time
  • Kitchen, dining, and activity shelter with a small wood stove that keeps it cozy in damp, windy, or cool conditions
  • Established group fire circle with benches for social meal times
  • Waterfront propane heated shower
  • Drying shelter for storing kayaking equipment and personal clothing out of the elements
  • Substantial reference and resource library with no overdue charges
  • Airy outhouses with views that inspire; each private and conveniently spaced throughout the camp
  • Grassy meadow for activities or soaking in morning and evening light, or the star-filled dark sky without any light pollution
This is an excellent place for multi-generation family kayaking and camping vacations, or customized group retreats that are not necessarily all about kayaking. There are numerous delightful destinations easily reached by very short morning or afternoon paddles. There are also several trails that can fill a few days of simply enjoying Spring Island's forest, rugged shores, and many lovely beaches. Tidal pools offer fascinating views into a vast array of marine life. The spectacular scenery is inspiring and ever changing - a coastal paradise for Vancouver Island adventure travel.
  dining and activity shelter lit up under starry sky
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