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Instructional Sea Kayaking - A Paddling Learning Vacation!

Any group can request an instruction-focused week of sea kayaking experiences as part of a course or kayak tour. From time-to-time, we schedule these ourselves - this includes specialty workshops in practical navigation, wilderness skills, Greenland-style paddling techniques, paddling in 'rock gardens', kayak fishing, Paddle Canada or Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC certification courses, support strokes and rescues.

All of our base camp kayaking experiences and expeditions include an instructional component to ensure that you are comfortable or refreshed with the kayaking basics, or wherever you last got to.  We can, however, make the focus of any trip more explicitly about learning opportunities - coaching participants toward more proficient on-water skills and trip decision-making, including route choices, navigation, and weather interpretation.

You struck the right balance between coaching, motivating, teaching, and leading to guide us through the experience. We have a new appreciation for the true meaning of the word guide... you all exemplified the profession. Thanks for a great experience..
Andy & Judy F., Courtenay, BC

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Contact Us if you are an individual or a group looking for an instructional tour or if wanting to see what we have brewing that might not yet be posted on our site. Suggest something!
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