Trips that are Unique on Vancouver Island, BC

Most guests join us for the unique comforts, location, and diversity of a Base Camp Kayaking experience.  These offer spectacular kayaking options for new and seasoned paddlers, plus a variety of wildlife and cultural interactions. Experienced paddlers can also choose an Expedition Kayaking option that starts and finishes from our Base Camp, and has more of a self-sufficient paddling and wilderness camping focus, well off the beaten path.  Our Wilderness Retreat setting is otherwise idyllic for Themed Experiences, including instructional courses, workshops, and other custom opportunities.

4-Day Kyuquot Kayaking Getaway 4-Day Kyuquot Kayaking Getaway Experience the riches of a sea kayaking and holiday escape to Kyuquot. Enjoy a true getaway with delicious meals, playful outings by kayak or on forest trails, and blissful nights. More 5-Day Sea Otter Kayak Tour 5-Day Sea Otter Kayak Tour Recharge while sharing waters with sea otters, sea lions, and sometimes whales! Experience the welcoming wonder of this remote edge of Vancouver Island and the local Aboriginal culture. A perfect sea kayaking adventure for solo travelers, couples, families or groups. More 6-Day Spring Island Adventure 6-Day Spring Island Adventure Immerse yourself in connecting and refreshing. Five days is great; a sixth day is amazing. This longer base camp experience allows even more opportunity to explore further afield or closer to camp, more fully aware of what's going on in the forest and ocean surroundings. More 8-Day Brooks Peninsula Kayaking 8-Day Brooks Peninsula Kayaking Ready for a full-on immersion in the wild West Coast? This sea kayaking expedition, designed for experienced paddlers, was described by Men's Journal as one of "10 Real Adventures for Mere Mortals," alongside other world-class thrills like diving in the Galapagos. More 7-Day Bunsby Islands Kayaking 7-Day Bunsby Islands Kayaking Enjoy the sublime combination of adventure, First Nation culture, and awe-inspiring natural wonder. Slightly less strenuous and "out there" than our longer Brooks Peninsula expeditions, these Bunsby Islands trips are still designed for kayakers with some experience. More 6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour 6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour Experienced kayakers love the waters south from Spring Island across Kyuquot Sound to the expansive fine sandy beaches of Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park. Discover an incredible "out there" feeling while navigating the pristine Barrier Islands and geologically rich shorelines. More Sea Kayak Fishing Tour Sea Kayak Fishing Tour Fishing and kayaking are a great combination. Doing this from the convenience, comforts, and idyllic location of our Wilderness Retreat on Spring Island is even better! Join our expert fishing guide/instructors for this amazing experience. More Greenland-style Workshop Greenland-style Workshop Join renowned traditional Greenland paddling technique instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson for daily skills sessions and excursions to inform and enhance your skinny stick abilities. During daily outings, WCE will share our intimate knowledge of the local marine richness. More Photo Tours Photo Tours Location, location, location! Explore and photograph world-class west coast wildlife and landscapes by power boat, kayak and on foot. Create incredible photographs of sea otters, wolves, eagles, osprey and an unbelievable diversity of marine landscapes and tidal life. More 1-Day Kayaking Experience 1-Day Kayaking Experience Otherwise in the Kyuquot area and looking for an incredible sea kayaking experience?!! Join us for a day tour. More