6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour

6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour

6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour

Experienced kayakers love the waters south from Spring Island across Kyuquot Sound to the expansive fine sandy beaches of Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park. Discover an incredible "out there" feeling while navigating the pristine Barrier Islands and geologically rich shorelines.
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You'll traverse exposed waters southwest from Spring Island through the outer realm of the Ka:'yu:'k't'h' (Kyuquot) people, meandering through rocky islet and island clusters and paralleling surf-kissed beaches and fossil-strewn rock shelves.  Seasoned paddlers return year after year to have three kilometres of beach to themselves and the Vancouver Island wildlife.


These trips begin and end from your accommodation in Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River, include van transportation, a scenic boat ride to our Wilderness Retreat Base Camp, and the perfect mix of personal and group time once on the west coast.

Kapoose Creek areaThe Rugged Point area is a favourite with west coast kayakers. This inspiring marine-scape and kayaking tour is on the wild west coast of British Columbia through an exceptionally rich marine environment.  The rugged natural features provide ample opportunity to get into a paddling rhythm riding the dominant southwesterly swell, or to examine the minutia while wandering secluded beaches and fossil-strewn outcrops. This kayaking expedition can reach as far south as Tatchu Point on a day trip from a satellite camp near Kapoose Creek or elsewhere along the Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park beaches.

Designed for "experienced paddlers" and campers who have done a reasonable amount of paddling and camping in a range of conditions, this kayaking expedition complements our Bunsby Islands and Brooks Peninsula Expeditions. Participants should know that they will be comfortable and able to kayak for 3 to 5 hours each day, ready for wind and swell, and prepared to be camping in a range of coastal weather.

Participants should be comfortable with:
  • basic strokes, including effective manoeuvring in light to moderate winds (up to 18 knots or 33 km/h) & in moderate swell or wind waves
  • wet exits (getting out of the kayak if you accidentally capsize)
  • re-entry techniques (assisted and solo techniques for getting back into the kayak after a capsize!).
All guests are required to have cold water immersion gear (wetsuit or drysuit) available for some sections of the open water paddling, possible surf landings, or if warranted by the sea or weather conditions (some wetsuits are available for rental from WCE - please arrange in advance). Though we require some previous experience, this expedition is about much more than the sea kayaking - kayaks are our quiet vehicles through this remote marine area rich with marine life.

The start and end of your expedition uses our Wilderness Retreat base camp amenities on Spring Island as the perfect staging ground for this adventure "up west". The specific itinerary of this "Rugged Point Kayaking Tour" varies with the interests and skills of the group, the moods of the ocean and weather, and the offerings of this spectacular Vancouver Island coastline.

Sea Kayaking Trip Area for the Rugged Point Expedition

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