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6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour

6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour - Expedition

6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour - Expedition

Experienced kayakers love heading south from Spring Island, across Kyuquot Sound to the expansive fine sandy beaches of Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park, to rarely visited gems.
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    You'll traverse exposed waters southwest from Spring Island through the outer realm of the Ka:'yu:'k't'h' (Kyuquot) people, meandering through rocky islet and island clusters and paralleling surf-kissed beaches and fossil-strewn rock shelves.  Seasoned paddlers return year after year to have three kilometres of beach to themselves and the Vancouver Island wildlife.


    These trips begin and end from your accommodation in Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River, include van transportation, a scenic boat ride to our Wilderness Retreat Base Camp, and the perfect mix of personal and group time once on the west coast.

    The Rugged Point area is a favourite with west coast kayakers. This inspiring marine-scape and kayaking tour is on the wild west coast of British Columbia through an exceptionally rich marine environment.  The rugged natural features provide ample opportunity to get into a paddling rhythm riding the dominant southwesterly swell, or to examine the minutia while wandering secluded beaches and fossil-strewn outcrops. This kayaking expedition can reach as far south as Tatchu Point on a day trip from a satellite camp near Kapoose Creek or elsewhere along the Rugged Point Provincial Marine Park beaches.

    Designed for "experienced paddlers" and campers who have done a reasonable amount of paddling and camping in a range of conditions, this kayaking expedition complements our Bunsby Islands and Brooks Peninsula Expeditions. Participants should know that they will be comfortable and able to kayak for 3 to 5 hours each day, ready for wind and swell, and prepared to be camping in a range of coastal weather.
      Kapoose Creek area
    Participants should be comfortable with:
    • basic strokes, including effective manoeuvring in light to moderate winds (up to 18 knots or 33 km/h) & in moderate swell or wind waves
    • wet exits (getting out of the kayak if you accidentally capsize)
    • re-entry techniques (assisted and solo techniques for getting back into the kayak after a capsize!).
    All guests are required to have cold water immersion gear (wetsuit or drysuit) available for some sections of the open water paddling, possible surf landings, or if warranted by the sea or weather conditions (some wetsuits are available for rental from WCE - please arrange in advance). Though we require some previous experience, this expedition is about much more than the sea kayaking - kayaks are our quiet vehicles through this remote marine area rich with marine life.

    The start and end of your expedition uses our Wilderness Retreat base camp amenities on Spring Island as the perfect staging ground for this adventure "up west". The specific itinerary of this "Rugged Point Kayaking Tour" varies with the interests and skills of the group, the moods of the ocean and weather, and the offerings of this spectacular Vancouver Island coastline.

    kayaking on the swell   sea otter eating kelp crab   wolf tracks on beach

    Dates and Rates

    6-Day Rugged Point Kayak Tour - Expedition
    Max of ONLY 8 guests with 2 guides; can increase to 10 guests and 3+ guides with custom experiences or group bookings.

    Transportation: includes two-way ground transport from Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River, and two-way water taxi from Fair Harbour.

    "Fees": a booking fee of $30 applies per reservation, regardless of whether for 1 or more people; this is not per person", but "per booking". However, there is a $25/person "KCFN Stewardship Fee" collected to support conservation, research and land/marine stewardship through Witwaak, the Nation's stewardship team.

      Rates & Details
    from Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River
    /p + taxes & fees

    CAD$900 deposit reserves seat; full payment is due 75 days before trip start

    Groups of 4 or more can request custom dates for private trips (custom pricing will apply).
    contact us - interest list & by request if possible

    Contact us to be first to hear, or to let us know your preferred dates so that we can make it work for you or your group of family and friends.

    Sea Kayaking Trip Area for the Rugged Point Expedition



    Experienced paddlers and west coast wilderness campers already have a pretty good idea about the personal clothing and camping equipment required.   We take care of the rest!  A detailed suggested packing list is included in your pre-trip information package provided upon registering.

    We provide:

    • Two-way ground transportation with professional drivers (van shuttle) to/from your overnight accommodation or vehicle parking location in Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River.
    • Two-way water taxi transfer from Fair Harbour to WCE Spring Island Base Camp
    • Diverse fleet of high-quality fibreglass single and double kayaks and all related kayaking equipment; though we do our best to accommodate requests for using a single or double kayak, there is almost always a minimum of one double kayak on an expedition, so depending on guest preferences, even if you "prefer" a single, you will likely take a turn in the double - this is for group safety and everyone's benefit during expedition travel.
    • On your first night, enjoy the comforts and conveniences of our Wilderness Retreat, including a delicious sleep in our waterfront tents with beds, pillows, fitted sheet, and fleece blanket (just need your sleeping bag...or arrange to rent one from us).  This may also be where you spend your last night with us.
    • All scrumptious meals and snacks once with us in Kyuquot and on your expedition - everyone is pleasantly satiated!
    • Professional guides and all group safety gear
    • Use of paddling jackets and dry bags for day trips when kayaking
    • Some 3 mm Farmer John/Jane wetsuits are available to rent if you don't otherwise have a wetsuit or drysuit - we bring these as an optional safety item for comfort or conditions
    • Engaging interpretive programs (rainforest, intertidal, marine, cultural) tailored to your interests
    • Comprehensive resource library of reference and reading material about the coast
    • Innumerable other things - big and small - that make your experience with us feel comfy and complete!
    The best tour company I have experienced. The guides, the day planning, organization, great food, accommodations on Spring Island, they were all excellent.
    Pete G., Palm Springs, CA


    • We are happy and able to accommodate many dietary restrictions and allergies such as vegetarian, gluten free, and lactose intolerance. Some diets may not be as easily included in our shared meals - please ensure you discuss any dietary needs with us when booking so we may best address them.
    • Please bring your own sleeping bag, pad, and tent, or arrange in advance to rent these from us.
    • Alcoholic beverages not provided or served - please bring your own favourites!
    • If preferred, you are welcome to bring your own PFD or paddle, and there is space for this in the van shuttle to Fair Harbour.  You are also welcome to bring your own kayak if driving yourself to Fair Harbour.


    Day 1

    • Morning van transportation from your accommodation in Comox/Courtenay or Campbell River; four to five hour scenic drive on northern Vancouver Island to remote Fair Harbour; chartered water taxi transportation to our Wilderness Retreat base camp on Spring Island - on the outer edge of Canada's west coast!
    • Early afternoon arrival and a welcome snack; after a brief orientation to our base camp facilities (shower, resource library, outhouses, fresh drinking water, etc.), the group will discuss our best options and suitable timing for packing and departing for the Rugged Point area the next day.
    • Time to settle into your waterfront tent accommodations for the first night in camp; once settled, we'll typically go for a relaxing afternoon paddle close to camp - getting active and further oriented.  Alternatively we may jump into reviewing kayak packing and safety procedures, assign boats for the trip, and, if the weather is suitable to depart Spring Island the next morning, dive into getting all of the gear loaded!
    • After dinner, if time permits, we will enjoy a sunset walk to the wild west side of Spring Island to get a view across Checleset Bay and toward the Brooks Peninsula, and south toward Nootka Island, Tatchu Point, and Rugged Point - our marinescape for the week!
    • The long day of travel and trip preparation, and the soothing sound of waves on the shore, should help you to sleep despite the excited anticipation of the adventure ahead!

    Day 2

    • You might be woken by the caress of waves on the cobblestone beach, the morning mew of a sea otter pup in the bay, the call of a bald eagle overhead, or the simply the need to stumble out of the comforts of your tent, empty your bladder, and find a coffee to say hello to the day!
    • After a satisfying breakfast, if the weather isn't appropriate for immediate travel over the exposed traverse to Rugged Point, we can spend an extra night initially exploring closer to Spring Island and using the base camp. This can be a great opportunity to see even more of the area. Otherwise, let's get going!
    • Our guides will ensure that everyone is fully introduced to the kayaks and equipment, and related safety considerations for our travels.
    • Enroute across Kyuquot Sound, through the Minx Rocks female sea otter zone, if the weather and sea gods are smiling on us, we'll visit one of the west coast's most enchanted and remote island, Thornton (Highest) Island, home to a myriad of marine birds. 
    • By the time we reach our campsite, we will have traveled approximately 7 to 8 nautical miles (about 13 to 15 km).

    Days 3 & 4

    • Weather permitting, and depending on our camp location, we will likely proceed on a day trip further south along the Vancouver Island shoreline toward Tatchu Point, or out to secluded Grassy Island, site of some significant fossils.  We will also have time to wander the expansive beaches or potentially paddle all of the nooks around the Rugged Point area, sharing the waters with whales and sea otters. The headland trails through old growth forests along Rugged Point allow access to peaceful beach combing, more fossils, great body surfing, and exploring up Kapoose Creek.
    • On the water, we are likely to encounter an array of birds, Stellar sea lions, sea otters, and possibly even a grey and humpback whales, or even orca.
    • The Rugged Point area is known for its sandy beaches and rocky outcroppings cloaked in marine life.
    • Once away from our base camp on Spring Island, we are most likely to camp in one location to maximize time for daytime exploring and relaxation.

    Day 5

    • If the weather permits, we may choose to stay an extra night in the Rugged Point area before returning to Spring Island on the morning of day 6.
    • Otherwise, after an early rise and pack-up, we again traverse the Kyuquot Sound area, likely along the towering and intricate shoreline of Union Island, exploring Kyuquot Bay and more of the Mission Group of Islands enroute back to Spring Island for the last night.
    • Once back at our Base Camp and unpacked from the expedition, you may find the lure of the propane heated waterfront shower to be, well, irresistible!
    • At Spring Island, there are again a variety of options group and personal activities depending on available time, interests, weather, and energy. It may be best to simply relax and reflect, fully absorbing the last part of this west coast expedition.

    Day 6

    • After breakfast, if we arrived back on Spring Island on Day 5, we recommend exploring the nearby waters around Spring Island, or starting the day with an adventurous beach and forest walk that circumnavigates the island. During your morning paddle or walk, you can enjoy the views and memories of where you've just travelled.
    • Otherwise, it's a morning of early packing, spectacular morning paddling across Kyuquot Sound, then preparing for departure from Spring Island.
    • After lunch and goodbyes to Spring Island, the water taxi transportation to Fair Harbour will meet our van shuttle back to your accommodation or connecting travel in the Campbell River or Comox/Courtenay areas.
      towering sea stacks