Employment with West Coast Expeditions

As a small company, we require a team of flexible and diverse staff who complement each others' skills and experience in a shared living and working environment.  As a team, we run a world-class wilderness retreat that delivers inspiring sea kayaking experiences in synch with the local area and community. 

In January 2016 we had the honour of receiving the "Employee's Choice Award" in the 2015 Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Community Awards.

Each "position" on our team is often much more broad and involved than the working titles of:
  • Lead, Assistant and Apprentice Guides
  • Camp Cook/Chef & Culinary Manager
  • Camp Assistant or Summer Intern
  • Operations Manager
  • Office Manager & Guest Relations
  2013 staff shot (missing Serina and Lennie)
We are currently receiving applicants for the following positions:
  • Camp Cook/Culinary Manager
  • Lead Guide (experienced SKGABC Level 3 or equivalent/more)
  • Camp Assistant
  • Operations Manager (includes guiding, camp systems/logistics, staff guidance, and commercial boat operations)
In addition to requiring established industry certifications for each position, we need to cover the following skills and experience within the overall team:
  • Commercial passenger vessel operations
  • Aboriginal cultural interpretation
  • Marine/coastal biology and ecology interpretation
  • Community relations and logistics
  • Infrastructure and facilities maintenance
  • Guest services (including housekeeping)
  • Entertainment (story-telling, music, games, etc. for diverse ages)
  • Trip and transportation logistics
Foremost, we look for people with a demonstrated passion for the west coast, an interest in life-long learning, proven emotional intelligence, and a sense of gratitude and reverence for where and how we operate.

In return, we strive to ensure that our employees:
  • are listened to, feel valued, and value each other
  • have autonomy in personal styles/expertise for program delivery
  • experience a variety of trips types, group types, and the opportunity to work in smaller teams
  • receive competitive wages that are reviewed annually
  • share gratuities among all who contribute to the guest experience
  • have few living expenses throughout the summer (no "camp fees" for food and other consumables)
  • eat like royalty and have prime sleeping locations
  • have balanced work days with the opportunity for personal and rest time
  • have transportation covered to/from our remote camp
  • have access to a variety of kayaks and/or are compensated if providing their own kayak
  • feel that they become a part of the local area and community through meaningful interactions and outings
  • are encouraged and supported in their professional development and personal passions, and
  • know that they're an essential part of delivering exceptional experiences that meet high standards for responsible and sustainable travel, and make a difference in peoples' lives.
  western red cedar
If interested in joining our team, especially for one of the above opportunities, please email your cover letter and resume (with references) to dave@westcoastexpeditions.com

Thank you for your interest.