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Testing the UK waters in National Geographic Traveller

 ad in National Geographic Traveller UK  
We know, an ad isn’t usually newsworthy.  However, we remain excited about having been invited by National Geographic Traveller Magazine (UK edition, April 2017) to work with their team to develop a full-page ad that we love, and visually depicts our experiences (which, I guess, is the objective of an ad).

Since most people won’t ever see that issue of the magazine, we wanted to share it here while also shouting out to the many photographers who’ve provided us with rich images.  The primary inviting image of the Spring Island area is one that was shared with us by Comox Valley photographer, Martin Ryer, taken during a personal trip.  The lower images were provided by other Comox Valley photographers:  Gordon Ross, Boomer Jerritt, and Ashley Hamilton-MacQuarrie.  And the eagle image was shared by one of last summer’s guests from Colorado, Robert Yone.

Hope you enjoy...and hope to see you out there!