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Exclusive video: Renewal with Coastal Wolves and Sea Otters

Please enjoy this very brief, exclusive, stunning, documentary-quality footage from our remote location on the west coast of Vancouver Island, with rich coastal ecosystems that are uniquely shaped by, and dependent upon, sea otters and coastal wolves. This is the setting for our remarkable experiences. 

During our daily outings we frequently see sea otters and other marine creatures, and learn about their contributions to coastal renewal as part of  biodiversity and ecosystem health.  We do our best to view all wildlife from at least a 100 m distance using binoculars or a spotting scope, to minimize disturbance.  Sometimes they get curious and come closer to us!

We are also occasionally treated to seeing or hearing coastal wolves, or encountering their prints or scat on shared trails or sandy shoreline areas. The wolves are elusive, appropriately staying separated from our human activity. They are meanwhile spectacular to watch on an opposite shoreline, blending perfectly with the backdrop while investigating what the last high tide delivered, or the low tide reveals.

If you want to see more footage like this check out the 5-part "The Wild Canadian Year" series for CBC's "The Nature of Things”. The whole series is incredible but more details of the wolves’ and otters’ story can be seen in the SPRING episode.

Thank you to the team at River Road Films, and Producer, Jeff Turner, for generously helping us to compile this short video so that we can further share part of this rich coastal story.