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The Suspense Won't Kill Us

Thank you to The CV Collective and writer Andrew Findlay for this recent article about tourism on Vancouver Island, that includes reflections from WCE Managing Owner and Guide, David Pinel, early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though a difficult summer, and one of significant change and loss for many people, families and businesses, we have also been collectively presented with the need and opportunity to re-calibrate: pausing to stop, alter, or enhance what we've been doing.

For West Coast Expeditions, this unanticipated pause helps to affirm our roots and commitment to why and how we operate together with partners from the Ka:'yu:'k't'h' / Che:k:tles7et'h' (Kyuquot/Checleset) First Nations, and ways to enhance how we proceed as appropriate.

Common business wisdom asserts that growth is the primary measure of "success".  We disagree.  Growth can enable many aspects of success if embraced within a more broad values-based understanding. And we think we remain on a good path.
  salmon cooking over the fire